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**Metrology for Biofuels - EMRP research project

Project rationale

SAVE the date : Workshop on Biofuels characterization
The role of metrology in technical and
economic development of biofuels

30th May 2013 - LNE/Paris
Program and practical information (pdf - 506 Ko)
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For biofuels to penetrate a fuel market dominated by petroleum-based products, they need to be able to mix with traditional fuels and form blends that can be used without affecting vehicle engine performance, reliability or safety. More accurate measurements, and a greater understanding of biofuel properties, will allow this and improve public confidence in the low-carbon fuels.

In order to ensure long-term reliability and global comparability of analytical data, complete knowledge of the traceability chain to the International System of Units (SI) for measurement results of biofuel analyses is required.

Nowadays, many of the methods used by field laboratories are strongly linked with regional standard methods or parameters are method-dependent.

The project “Metrology for Biofuels” intends to provide validated, reliable and traceable methods to measure the physical and chemical properties of liquid biofuels, focusing on first generation materials. These methods will help ensure the sustainable contribution of biofuels to EU energy supply. The project have a dedicated task for the development of reference materials to be used as tools for method validation and instrument calibration, covering both chemical parameters and physical transport properties.

The results of the research on over-arching indicators for the quality assessment will accelerate the expansion of new technologies, such as engines designed to run efficiently on biofuels. Furthermore, the development of methods for tracing back the geographic and organic origin of biofuels will help prevent economic subsidy fraud, where subsidies for producers are falsely claimed, and improve investor confidence.

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Past meetings
Second periodic partners meeting: 15th and 16th March 2012 - Paris
First periodic partners meeting: 31st January 2011 - Helsinki
Kick-off meeting: 29th and 30th June 2010 - LNE/Paris

Project partners

The project is coordinated by LNE (France) and involves 13 participants from 9 countries.

Project details

The project is structured in four technical workpackages, each dedicated to a specific task.

Resume of metrology for biofuels project
Resume of metrology for biofuels project
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metrology for biofuels project

(January 2013 - pdf - 137 kB)

The figure shows the interactions between the workpackages and the expected deliverables.

Project outputs

Outputs from the project will be made available on this page as the project progresses.

"Fatty acid composition and chemotaxonomic evaluation of species of Stachys", Ahmet C. Gören, Ekrem Akçicek, Tuncay Dirmenci, Turgut Kilic, Erkan Mozioglu, Hasibe Yilmaz, Natural Product Research, 26, 2012, 84-90

"Influence of fabrication procedure on the electrochemical performance of Ag/AgCl reference electrodes", Daniela Stoica, Paul J. Brewer, Richard J.C. Brown, Paola Fisicaro, Electochmica Acta, 2011, 56, 10009-10015

"Evaluation of standard potential of Ag/AgCl electrode in a 50 wt% water-ethanol mixture", D. Stoica, C. Yardin, S. Vaslin-Reimann, P. Fisicaro, Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2011, 40, 1819-1834

"Sensitivities of a Standard Test Method for the Determination of the pHe of Bioethanol and Suggestions for Improvement", Richard J. C. Brown, Adam C. Keates and Paul J. Brewer, Sensors, 2010, 10, 9982-9993 (http://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/10/11/9982/pdf).

EMRP - The European Metrology Research Programme

The project is a so-called Joint Research Project (JRP) and carried out as part of the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP).

The European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP) is a metrology-focused European programme of coordinated R&D that facilitates closer integration of national research programmes. The EMRP is jointly supported by the European Commission and the participating countries within the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET e.V.). The science of measurement - metrology - is important for scientific research, industry and our everyday lives, as the demand for measurements with high accuracies and low uncertainties continues to increase.

The EMRP enables European metrology institutes, industrial organisations and academia to collaborate on joint research projects within specified fields.

These collaborative efforts will accelerate innovation in areas where shared resources and decision-making processes are desirable due to economic factors and the distribution of expertise across different countries and sectors.



For further information on the EMRP “Metrology for Biofuels” project, please contact the project co-ordinator:

Dr. Paola Fisicaro

Laboratoire national de métrologie et d'essais
1, rue Gaston Boissier - 75724 Paris cedex 15
+ 33 (0)1 40 43 37 00

paola.fisicaro@lne.fr - www.lne.fr