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**European associations and virtual organisations


ince 1989, EURACHEM has been the focus in Europe for analytical chemistry and the related quality issues. EURACHEM is a network of organisations in Europe, which primary aim is to review the international traceability of the measurements in analytical chemistry and ensure the promotion of good quality practices.

The main objectives of EURACHEM are :

The LNE is participating in the EURACHEM works.


WELMEC is one coordinating body created in 1989 involving the national legal metrology authorities from the Western European countries (European Union and European economic area). Since its inception, WELMEC has been enlarged by accepting as corresponding members the Central European countries that are involved in the process for joining the European Union.

The aim of WELMEC is to facilitate the exchanges of information and mutual knowledge between its member countries, to harmonise the regulations and the inspection methods and promote mutual recognitions.

WELMEC first tasks concentrated on harmonising the implementation of the European Directive n° 90/384 on the non-automatic weighing instruments. WELMEC has published the application guides related to this new approach Directive so that the notified organisations apply it as homogeneously as possible. Additional work has been undertaken for harmonizing the Member States approach on different legal metrology issues :

WELMEC has also worked, as an experts group, to support the European Commission in developing the new approach European Directive on measuring instruments, providing support to the working group of European Council working on said European Directive.

Additionally, WELMEC has published a legal metrology directory covering the Member States and the corresponding members.

WELMEC has entered a multilateral recognition agreement for models approval, under the terms of which when one instrument has simultaneously been granted one OIML certificate of conformity and national model approval in a Member country, automatic model approval will be granted to this instrument in the other Signatory States but for major and justified motive.

WELMEC’s organisation is as follows :

The federations of regulated instruments manufacturers are associated to the works of the WELMEC working groups. WELMEC member for France is the Bureau de la métrologie, represented by its deputy-director, who is also a member of the Chairman's Group.

VERMI (Virtual European Radionuclide Metrology Institute)

Currently, only a limited number of scientists and experts in Europe have the skills necessary to develop and improve the measurement methods to characterise the radionuclides and train new researchers in the measurement techniques.

VERMI has combined the main NMIs resource in the radioactivity field for rationalising and harmonising research in this area, owing to the large number of radionuclides existing and present in different physical states (solid, liquid, gaseous).

A Memorandum of Understanding – MoU has been signed for the period 2002-2008 between 4 NMIs: The LNE (France), the NPL (United Kingdom), the PTB (Germany) and the IRMM (the Commission of European Communities).