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**International activities

International Organisations

The Metre Convention is aimed at the constant improvement of the International System of Units (SI) and the promotion of this system throughout of the world. This convention is the basis for the creation of the BIPM (International bureau of Weights and Measures). Since 1998, an arrangement, the MRA or Mutual Recognition Arrangement allows, under certain conditions, any laboratory which government is a member of the Metre Convention, or an associate of the CGPM (General Conference on Weights and Measures), mutual recognition of their measurement standards and their calibration certificates. In addition, owing to the ever increasing number of countries interested in metrology, regions have been organized through the creation of Regional Metrology Organisations (RMOs) to facilitate the exchanges between nations. In the area of legal metrology, it is the OIML (International Organisation of Legal Metrology) that is responsible for harmonizing the administrative and technical regulations on the measurements and the measuring instruments that are passed by the different countries.

Europe and metrology

At the European level, metrology is structured around several organisations or associations:EURAMET, EURACHEM, WELMEC, VERMI...

The LNE and co-operation

At the national, European and international level, the LNE, as the pilot of French metrology, is organising exchanges of researchers (secondment) within the national metrology laboratories, is signing co-operation agreements and is also participating in technical assistance missions as part of the European projects.