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**The LNE and co-operation

Every measurement whatever its type is at one time or another a comparison between two references, of instruments or else methods. At the NMIs level, achieving a comparison on a given quantity requires prior exchanges on the ongoing studies and research for the improvement of the references or the new systems under development. Hence the need for close relationships between researchers and experts from the same field and from different countries, as a new instrument/experimentation must be recognized and compared with others.

To achieve this purpose, formal and informal co-operations are established between the different NMIs. Additionally, in the framework of the European Union, specific programmes are implemented to support the countries willing to join the European Union. The LNE, as the pilot organisation of French metrology has established such co-operations through the co-operation agreements (MoUs) signed and participation in the European projects.

For further information, please contact: Maguelonne Chambon - LNE - Direction de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique

Exchange or researchers (Secondment)

Under the annual metrology research programme and for all the national metrology laboratories (NMLs), the LNE has allocated one specific budget to exchange of researchers. The purpose is to gain from or have access to supplementary competencies on the ongoing studies and research, and also be able to provide support to our foreign counterparts on projects for which the LNE has very specific knowledge. This is how the LNE and the NMLs are participating in the development of the emerging countries.

On the one hand, this knowledge transfer turns out to be essential in the view of the common research projects in Europe.

These exchanges can be short term (a few days) or long-term (a few months) actions.

These exchanges can be short term (a few days) or long-term (a few months) actions. Over the last years, these collaborations have contributed to huge breakthroughs in research under way in our laboratories, such as the atomic clocks, mean and high temperature thermometry, radioactivity and nuclear data, pH-metry, or else in electrical metrology be it quantum electrical metrology or low frequency metrology. Said collaborations have also enabled emerging countries to implement new references.

Co-operation agreements

As part of international technical co-operation in metrology, the LNE, for the French metrology, has signed co-operation agreements called " Memorandum of Understanding - MoU ". These agreements specify the co-operation established with a well-defined institute for actions in fundamental or applied research.

Several co-operations actions have also been launched since 1988 with China and Russia, and several more have been specified and undertaken. The LNE has recently signed co-operation agreements with Brazil, Romania, Chile, Egypt and Portugal. Several programmes covering researcher exchanges have been established on the basis of these agreements.

Technical assistance

To ensure the notoriety of the LNE and the NMLs abroad and also as a necessity to support the French industries willing to develop abroad, the LNE is participating in missions under the contracts funded by the European Union (chiefly), or by international organisations.
Until to date, the LNE has been involved in actions related to technical assistance in scientific and industrial metrology, legal metrology and for tests (mainly for toys).
These contracts are gained through calls for tender, alongside different partners according to the subjects or opportunities proposed, and in competition with other French and/or foreign companies

Signature of the MoU between the BNM  and the INM - Romania
Signature of the MoU between the BNM and the INM - Romania