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LNE Awards its Fifth Prize for Research

A research prize has been created in 2009 to honour researchers working for LNE or laboratories in the French metrology network. 2013 was the fifth ceremony. The prize was awarded on 15 November 2013 to Philippe Laurent, a research engineer at LNE-SYRTE (Time-Space Reference Systems) at the Observatoire de Paris and to Aimé Ostrowsky, a Research Director at LNE-LNHB (Laboratoire national Henri Becquerel) at the CEA.

A Research Engineer at LNE, Aimé Ostrowsky was rewarded for his work in radiotherapy – an entire career’s dedication. The references he developed aimed to reduce all uncertainties in the measurement of the energy distributed throughout the patient’s body under ionising beams to the utmost. The subsequent technologies applied to the realization of these references - such as graphite and water calorimeters - have significantly contributed in improving knowledge of the quantity absorbed by the patient. He unremittingly dedicated himself to another metrological challenge just one year later, in his aim to improve measurement uncertainties of ultra-thin radiation beams applied to minute fields (new therapeutic technologies).

Philippe Laurent – a Research Director at LNE-SYRTE (Laboratoire des systèmes de référence temps espace de l’Observatoire de Paris)– is the other laureate congratulated for his unparalleled work in the field of time and frequency calibres. He fathered the atomic fountain generating a continuous stream of caesium atoms – which, to date, remains a standard whose performances are unmatched. He then transformed the initial project, setting out to develop an atomic clock prototype operating with cold atoms. The clock prototype will be instrumental in the Pharao ensemble, soon to be launched into space.

“Biofuels characterization: the role of metrology in technical and economic development of biofuels”, 30 May 2013 workshop

The European Union views the increased use of biofuels for vehicles as one of the key to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. This rise in biofuels consumption also plays a positive role in securing energy supplies and in both economic and technological developments on a regional scale. However, questions arise regarding an international harmonization of required specifications for biofuels depending on the region in which they are produced and/or commercialized. (see “White Paper on Internationally compatible biofuel standards”, 2007)

These questions will be addressed at the upcoming workshop on “Biofuels characterization: the role of metrology in technical and economic development of biofuels” held by LNE the 30 May, 2013 at its Paris premises.

The aim of this workshop, intended for National Metrology Institutes as well as universities and industrial partners in the sector, is to serve as a forum for exchange enabling to identify potential needs in the field of biofuels characterization – bioethanol and biodiesel – and to initiate future collaborations on this matter. This meeting will also be an opportunity to provide an overview of results achieved since 2010 under the European project BIOFUELS on 1st generation biofuels.

A wide range of speakers will participate in the workshop. Kyriakos Maniatis from DG Energy will present the European perspectives on biofuels. He will be followed by Philippe Cloutier, a representative of CECOD, who will address the issues concerning legal metrology linked to biofuels distribution. Finally, Humberto Brandi and Hratch Semerjian, guests from INMETRO (Brazil) and NIST (USA), will share their views on the subject.

Consult the full program and the application details.