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The missions of all the National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) and the Associate Laboratories (ALs), federated by the Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais - LNE, are aimed at the implementation of the units of the International System of Units (SI) and also provide the users of any area (research, industry or verification bodies) access to the metrological references which they need, under rigorously established traceability.

All the laboratories are contributing to valorizing the experience gained by participating in training in the field of metrology, in the dissemination of technologies and in the transfer of competencies towards the economic and social systems of France and abroad as part of co-operation agreements and through the publication of the results obtained. They provide COFRAC their support for operating the national system of accreditation, notably by participating in the accreditation technical commissions and by leading inter-laboratory comparisons.

SI Units and fundamental research

Implementation of the units of the International System of units (SI):

Launch of fundamental research projects that have metrological implications and contribute to the improvement of the definitions, the realizations and the implementation of the base units and the main derived units playing a fundamental role in the SI.

Inter-laboratories comparisons

Ensure and if necessary lead, all the useful comparisons (key comparisons of the CIPM, of EURAMET, comparaisons within the European and international metrological organizations, bilateral comparisons, etc.) in order to ensure the international equivalence of the national, primary, secondary standards, of the measuring scales as well as the reference methods and materials of the National Metrology Institutes (NMIs), all this as part of the MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement published by the CIPM).

Under this mission, ensure the French presence in the CIPM’s Consultative Committees, within the EURAMET and in other working groups in the areas of metrology.

Traceability and training

Study, develop and exploit the means for transfer and calibration for the laboratories traceability with the view of ensuring the traceability of calibrations to the users.

Execute the calibration services that might not be taken up by the accredited laboratories, notably because of poor indirect profitability or for scientific, technical or strategic motives.

Participate in different training actions.