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**National Metrology Laboratories


Centre de Métrologie Scientifique et Industrielle – Scientific and Industrial Metrology Centre

The metrology activity of the LNE is structured around different fields such as: electricity and magnetism, mass and related quantities, dimensional quantities, radiometric and photometric quantities, amount of substance, temperature and the thermal quantities for:


Institut National de Métrologie – National Metrology Institute

The metrological activity of the LNE-INM is structured around four areas corresponding to four base units of the International System of Units (SI), the kilogram, the metre, the candela and the kelvin, consists in:


Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel

The LNE-LNHB is, among the national metrology laboratories, the one which is responsible for the field of ionising radiation. It ensures the definition, maintenance and the improvement of the national standards in the areas of radioactivity and dosimetry. It is also in charge of the transfer of these national references to the users (industry, environment, health...).


Time-Space Frequency SYstems

The LNE-SYRTE is, among the national metrology laboratories, the one which is in charge for realising and improving the national and secondary standards for quantities in the area of time and frequencies, as well as the dissemination of the national time references.