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The LNE: leader of French metrology

Through the decree of 25 January 2005, the LNE was entrusted with the responsibility of managing the French metrology, in replacement of the former organization called Bureau national de métrologie (BNM), which was in charge of this function since 1969. On this occasion, the LNE was renamed Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais.

The LNE thus became the counterpart of the biggest national metrology institutes (PTB in Germany, NPL in the United Kingdom, INRIM in Italy, NIST in the United States, NMIJ in Japan, ...) and represents France in the organization of the Metre Convention (International Committee of Weights and Measures - CIPM, Consultative Committees of the CIPM, ...), and in the international and European organizations such as EURAMET.
A Metrology Committee has been constituted within the LNE, an authority issuing recommendations on the scientific and strategic orientations of the LNE’s Board of Directors. Bringing together fourteen personalities from the scientific and industrial areas as well as representatives from the concerned ministries (Ministries of Industry and Research), the Committee, makes sure that the works are directed towards the fields deemed priority, and reinforces the complimentary of investments, and creates joint units of researchers whenever possible.
The Metrology Committee is helped by several Scientific Councils and the LNE’s Scientific and Technological Research Division (DRST). The DRST helps the Metrology Committee and the Scientific Councils in the meetings preparation, follow-up and makes proposals for different programmes and works to be carried out.

The players of French metrology since the 1st January 2005

Owing to their history, the studies and research projects in scientific and industrial metrology are carried out by several laboratories of different public or private bodies. Two categories should be considered: the National Metrology Laboratories (NMLs), main French metrology laboratories, and the associate laboratories with the LNE (ALs) for specific fields and which skills are complementary of the LNE’s.
All the scientific activities (involving all laboratories, NMLs and ALs) bring together some 220 researchers in metrology. All the laboratories, cited hereafter, have their missions defined by the Metrology Committee and are declared under the MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) published by the CIPM (International Committee of Weights and Measures)

The National Metrology Laboratories (NMLs)

The associate laboratories with the LNE (ALs)