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**Research Topics

Amount of Substance

This field can be distributed over four sub-fields: gas, inorganic, organic and electrochemistry.

Electricity - Magnetism

The LNE is responsible for all the studies carried out in this field.

Ionizing radiation

The studies carried out in this area cover dosimetry and radioactivity as well as the neutrons dosimetry.

Length and dimensional quantities

This section presents the studies with regard to the "mise en pratique" and developments in the field of dimensional metrology with artifacts.

Mass and the related quantities

This field covers different quantities such as: mass, force, torque, static and dynamic pressure, viscosity, gas and fluid flow (water and fluid different from water).

Optical radiation

This field includes the national references as well as the means for transfer to the industry (calibrating benches) for radiometry and photometry.

Temperature and thermal quantities

This field comprises the measurements of temperatures with and without contact, the thermal quantities and hygrometry.

Time - frequency

The studies are concentrating on the frequency standards in the fields of microwaves and optics, on the development of time scales together with the time comparisons and metrology of the inertial sensors.