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**Workshop on Metrological Atomic Force Microscope Instrumentation


Euramet and LNE organize from February 7th - 9th, 2011 the

Workshop on Metrological Atomic Force Microscope Instrumentation

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Nanotechnology is today expected to have a tremendous impact on our societies. Because of a strong correlation between physical properties and dimensions of nano-objects, it represents an unprecedented engineering opportunity to specially design the properties of materials for their particular application.

To bring nanotechnologies through a successful business, (nano) metrology is necessary as the key discipline to enable the exchange and comparison of industrial/academic products, components and measurement results. Thus, it’s necessary to provide some relevant metrology tools with ability to measure in three dimensions with sub-nanometric resolutions and uncertainties. Scanning probe microscopes fulfil parts of those needs in nanometrology. Since the end of the eighties, two generations of metrological AFMs have been building: it’s a large collection of instruments with an original arrangement of different technical solutions for a common purpose: the practice of metrology at the nanometer scale.

The aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of the developments about instrumentation relative to metrological AFMs and also the practice of nanometrology by AFM. It will be the opportunity to discuss the technical choices, problems and solutions relative with this instrumentation. It’s organized through several sessions with some specific topics illustrated by oral presentations and followed by round tables.



The workshop will take place at the Trappes LNE site, in the west Paris suburban (30 km).



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The meeting proceedings contains the meeting program and presentations submitted by each of the presenting authors.
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