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**7th workshop on Analysis of Dynamic Measurements


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LNE has organized from October 15-16, 2012
the 7th International Workshop on Analysis of Dynamic Measurements


The 7th International Workshop on
“Analysis of Dynamic Measurements”
was held on 15 and 16 October 2012 in Paris

The 7th International Workshop on “Analysis of Dynamic Measurements” was held on 15 and 16 October 2012 in Paris (France). The aim of the workshop is to bring people together who are working on methods of assessing and improving the quality of dynamic measurements and to give scientists from National Metrology Institutes, Universities and Industry a forum for informal exchange of ideas and news of recent developments and for establishing collaborations.

Dynamic measurements correspond to the determination of a physical quantity whose value shows a time-dependence. The purpose of improving methods for analyzing these kinds of measurements may potentially concern completly different fields of applications. A lot of situations would indeed require to access a measurand which is varying at the time that the measurement is made, while sensors have been calibrated most often under static conditions or from relative simple signal (sinusoidal, step, etc.). This problem is in particular encountered for the measurement of force during a crash test, the measurement of dynamic pressure in automotive engine development or thermodynamic process studies, or the detection of overheating (with an infra-red camera for example) in process control. In all these cases, the variation of the measurand may have a significant effect on the measurement results and the use of a sensor in a different mode to that in which it was calibrated can greatly affect the reliability and uncertainty of the measurement. Furthermore, such contributions may be either under-estimated or totally ignored, which can lead to increased costs and reduced competitiveness, or even impact on human health.

At present no widely accepted protocols can be found for the transfer of a dynamic calibration results to the usually much more complex signals found in these applications and the traceability of dynamic calibration is thus often strictly limited to the calibration laboratory. Here is also a need for new methods and mathematical models for evaluating uncertainties of dynamic measurements. This series of workshops addresses these points according to research and recent developments and aims to bridge gaps between Academia research activities and industrial needs.

Workshop topics

  • Methods for the analysis of dynamic measurements including the calculation of uncertainties
    (system identification, digital signal processing, statistical and numerical analysis),
  • Applications of dynamic measurements in and beyond metrology.


  • Dr. C. Elster (PTB)
  • Dr. T. Esward (NPL)
  • Dr. N. Fischer (LNE)




Program of the workshop


Session 1 - Method I

Session 2 - Dynamic Pressure

Session 3 - Force and Torque

Session 4 - Applications

Session 5 - Methods II

Meeting 2011

The 6th International Workshop on Analysis of Dynamic Measurements was held at Chalmers University of Technology
on June 22-23, 2011, Göteborg, Sweden.
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